Will I be able to find parking?

Parking in the Tenderloin is very limited. Our patrons are strongly encouraged to use public transportation or any number of the ride share services offered in the city. We are centrally located within 3 blocks from Civic Center BART and all Market St. muni lines, as well as the 19, 27, 31, and 38. If driving is the only option there are a number of parking garages in the area; Jam Parking at 155 Eddy, EZ Public Parking at 333 Jones, and California Parking Inc. at 199 Turk being the closest three.

What are the hours of operation?

Black Cat will be open every day starting at 5:30. The kitchen stays open until 1am, and the bar until 1:30 when the music ends.

But wait, I thought you were doing brunch?

Hold your horses, don’t worry! We will be moving into fullday service, starting with brunch on the weekends in the near future.

Are you related to the Black Cat from back in the day?

Yes and no. A lot of our inspiration came from the original Black Cat Cafe, (which happened to be located right down the street) and their signage can be found multiple places throughout our restaurant. We are not, however, trying to revamp a legend. We’re creating our own.

I’m a gluten intolerant vegan, will I be able to eat at Black Cat?

Yes, absolutely! We have many gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options. Chef Alicia Jenish-McCarron does a spectacular job of catering to everyone’s restrictions, therefore everyone will be able to nosh.

Those Chicken Roulades are decadent! Can I order to go and eat one later?

You may order to go, however, we unfortunately don’t take those orders over the phone. You’ll have to come in and place your order from the bar.

My friends and I want to dine, but we don’t have a reservation. Will we be able to sit?

While we can not guarantee a low top dining table, we reserve our entire first floor for walk in seating. This includes a large communal table, a comfortable banquette, and our fullservice bar.

It’s my birthday and I want to come in with all of my friends. How do I make this happen?

There are two things you can doeither make a large party reservation, or come in as a walk in party. Large parties are considered anything 8 and above, and these are negotiated with a contract through our events coordinator. If you would like to avoid a contract any group is always welcome to come in as a walkin party; however we cannot guarantee viewing of the music.

I made a reservation for dinner, but want to see the music after. How can I make sure this happens?

While we do our best to accommodate all of our guests needs, we are not able to guarantee watching the show if the reservation was made before 9:30 (most particularly on the weekends). To ensure the viewing of the show we suggest making reservations for the later side of the evening, or coming in early as a walk in and being added to our waitlist.

What time does your music start?

The music starts at 6:30 or 7pm, depending on if we have one performer or two performers for the evening. For our weekly lineup and start times you can check out the home page of our website.

Is there a cover charge?

Yes, there is a cover charge for each performance. The cover charges vary depending on date and performer. Please see the calendar for more specific information.

Are children under 21 allowed?

As long as the kitchen is open and serving food children will be allowed; and considering our kitchen closes at 1am (which is way past even my bedtime!) you shouldn’t worry. We do not, however, have high chairs, so we suggest sticking to the big kids.