The Set List

Mic Check|18

vodka, pisco, mango, lime, demerara mint syrup

Don't Mind the Crazy Baby|18

Botanist gin, Suze, blood orange, lemon, chamomile, house clove bitters

Cause & Effect|18

Plantation 3 star rum, overproof rum, Chareau Aloe liqueur

Mission Penicillin|18

blanco tequila, lemon, coconut honey, ginger, mezcal


Aberfeldy 12yr Scotch, cognac, vanilla, grapefruit, lemon, peach-honey syrup

The Classics

Martini (San Francisco)|18

Vodka or gin, Bay area herb infused vermouth

Highball (Tokyo)|18

Kikori Japanese whiskey, yuzu tonic, lemon

Sazerac (New Orleans)|18

Cognac, absinthe, warm spice bitters

Black Manhattan (New York)|18

Woodford Reserve bourbon, aged rum, Averna, cold brew syrup, orange bitters

No/Low A.B.V.


Guava, tamarind, ginger, lime, cold brew

Just Chillin'|12

Blood orange, pomegranate, lemon, agave syrup, topo chico

Mexican Coke|6

Mexican 7-Up|6

8% SF Mandate charge added to all checks