Aperol Spritz|18

house strawberry aperol, sparkling rose, orange oil

SF Martini|18

vodka or gin, bay area herb infused vermouth

Don't Mind the Crazy Baby|18

Botanist gin, Suze, blood orange, lemon, chamomile, house clove bitters

Mic Check|18

vodka, pisco, mango, lime, demerara mint syrup

Mission Penicillin|18

blanco tequila, lemon, coconut honey, ginger, mezcal

El Diablo|18

tequila, blackberry, aloe, cassis, ginger, seltzer, salted cilantro sugar

Brown Buttered Old Fashioned|18

brown buttered whiskey, pure maple, bitters


cognac, absinthe, warm spice bitters

Huckleberry Fig|18

rye whiskey, cognac, huckleberry vermouth, benedictine, fig leaf bitters

Barrel Aged Cat Daddy

12yr scotch, house apricot liqueur, sherry, almond

Black Manhattan

leather aged bourbon, house bay nut averna, vanilla, orange oil

Low/No A.B.V.


Guava, tamarind, ginger, lime, cold brew (Make it Lo-Fy: Add sherry 6)

Just Chillin'|12

Blood orange, pomegranate, lemon, agave syrup, sparkling water (add a spirit 6)

Dessert Drinks

Black Narcissus|21

st george baller single malt, mal bien mezcal, bourbon cacao syrup

Black Cat|18

aquavit, cold brew coffee, coffee liqueur, banana spice, nutmeg

Andrew Rich, Late Harvest Gewurztraminer|15

Columbia Valley 2015

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