French 75

carbonated gin, lemon oleo, sparkling rose

Mr. Perry

pear brandy, pear distillate, almond, orange oil, pear cider


vodka, grapefruit, madagascar vanilla, aloe, ginger

Don't Mind Me Crazy Baby

gin, suze, orange, lemon, chamomile, clove bitters

Mission Penicillin

reposado, lemon, coconut honey, ginger, mezcal spritz

House Martini Duo

Twist: vodka or gin, lemon oil infused vermouth
Dirty: xo olive oil washed vodka or gin, house olive brine
(For two with a martini sidecar: 32)

Chef Curry

green cardamom gin, saffron vermouth, campari, house yellow bitters, curry essence

Conifer Manhattan

leather aged rye, fig infused vermouth, pinyon pine cone, cedar beery, tobacco bitters

Fireside Chat

house amaro, charred cinnamon, barrel aged campari, woody scotch blend

Old Fashioneds

Oaxaca Spiced Chcoolate

mezcal, cacao nib, ancho chili, agave, mole bitters

Banana Rum

plantain rum, bruleed banana, almond bitters

Candy Cap

bourbon, maple, candy cap mushroom, pecan bitters

Low/No A.B.V.

Just Chillin'

Blood orange oleo, pomegranate, lemon, agave syrup, sparkling water (add a spirit 6)

Dessert Drinks

Black Narcissus|21

st george baller single malt, mal bien mezcal, bourbon cacao syrup

House Amaro Blend|18

cedar aged amaros, charred cinnamon, toasted allspice, king cube

Andrew Rich, Late Harvest Gewurzstraminer|15

Columbia Valley, 2015

8% SF Mandate charge added to all checks