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Fritz Quattlebaum

Fritz Quattlebaum had a vision for a restaurant that could bring together both the grit and the glam that embodied the supper club vibe, prevalent when the Tenderloin was the premiere arts and entertainment district in San Francisco. When Fritz first walked into the space that now houses his restaurant, he felt immediately inspired with the name Black Cat, only to later learn of the original Black Cat restaurant that once stood just two blocks away. This coincidence is one that falls right on par with the natural mystique of the venue.

The Washington University and NYU Law School graduate has always had a longstanding commitment to social entrepreneurship. This has led him to create outreach programs such as “PwC Make a Difference”, which has connected thousands of professionals to social causes and organizations in the Bay Area. Black Cat’s spirit of community and social outreach is highlighted through Training in the Tenderloin, a program that has been garnering attention from the city of San Francisco.

Fritz has a strong track record of building, investing in and leading strong businesses, including Rosemary’s NYC, which grosses almost $8mm per year and was one of the most successful restaurant launches of 2012. His concept creation and design skills have been recognized through the success of Rosemary’s and through the publication of apartments he has designed in NYC (recognized in New York Magazine) and San Francisco (featured in the April 2014 premier edition of San Francisco Cottages & Gardens). These design skills have helped shape the creation of the unique sensibility Black Cat embodies.

Despite being a San Francisco resident for over 15 years, the Quattlebaum family’s Charleston roots still continue to heavily influence the care that is given to preparing meals, eating, entertaining, and ultimately cultivating a lifetime interest in food, wine and hospitality. Embracing these values has helped in bringing Black Cat to life.